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  Thursday March 18: Hound Hop (sort of), Annadel State Park, Santa Rosa, CA

This place is amazing - 36+ miles of very well marked trails. You really need the trail map to know where you're going,
you can download trail map here and there are more maps here.

Route yielded 24 miles total (download trail map first):
Channel -> W. Richardson -> Two Quarry -> Marsh -> Lawndale -> Schultz -> Pig Flat -> Marsh -> S. Burma -> Louis ->
N. Burma -> Live Oak -> Rough Go -> Spring Creek -> Rough Go -> Cobblestone.

View the vertical profile from my GPS.

You can also check out the Garmin Connect page with all kinds of mapping and GPS data analysis from the ride.

Check out some photos from the ride:


The obligatory "before" shot.     (L-R: Cris, Kevin)

Alot of the trails are very shaded, some even dark

Neat little switch-back and drainage crossing (dry now)

Emerging at the top of Lawndale, immediately following a long beautiful run of very shaded single-track

View from up high

More view

More view

Intersection of Two Quarry and Marsh. There are restrooms and a picnic table here.

Good place to stop and rest

One of the many creek crossings. This is looking south down Marsh, on the way to Lawndale

Looking back up (north) Two Quarry from the intersection

Lake Ilsanjo, and killer geese

The geese didn't seem real worried

Lake Ilsanjo

I think this is Live Oak.

I started getting pretty tired by this point, and stopped taking pictures...

  Updated: 3/22/2009 09:10 PDT