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  Saturday Dec 13: Hound Hop, Granite Bay, Folsom Lake, CA

In spite of the weather forecast for winter storms, the day turned out fantastic. A little on the nippy side but with some long
sleeves everyone was comfy. Kip showed us the race course, that combined with another slightly shorter loop yielded a
nice 20-mile ride.

The trail was pretty easy, with some really fun curvy sections combined with a couple of STEEP short climbs, and one nice
long climb.

  Video! Check out Kevin the Animal on a hill.
Warning: this is a huge file (16MB).

Alternatively, view a very low-resolution version on YouTube: KevinMTB.

View a Google Earth image of the ride, also the vertical profile from my GPS.

Check out some photos from the ride:


The obligatory "before" shot.     (L-R: Kip, Kevin, Cris)

First stop was on top of the big hill with a nice view of the lake, which was really low

Finally a picture of Kip...

Around the backside, before Kevin's monster downhill run (see video)

This was Cris's first real ride on the new 29er. In spite of multiple crashes (handles a wee bit different), I think we can say
withouth reservation that he LOVES the big wheels!

  Updated: 12/14/2008 09:10 PST