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  Saturday Dec 6: Meeting/Group Ride, New Melones Lake, Angel's Camp, CA

Another simply beautiful day - temps were perfect. There were a few folks out both on wheels and on foot.
We rode about 18.4 miles, doing two laps around Angels Creek.

View a Google Earth image of the ride, also the vertical profile from my GPS.

Check out some photos from the ride:


The obligatory "before" shot.     (L-R: Rex, Kevin, Cris, Bob, Kip)

Cris and Kevin swapped bikes for the day so Cris could try the big wheels (he liked them)

Bob tops the Tower Climb...

...followed closely by Rex

Now back down...the drop

Bob being cautious

Rex on a flat...before or after the crash?

Later in the day, Buck Brush Loop. This is the beginning with the steep turn

Cris chasing Kevin

Here comes Bob

Here comes Rex

Notice no pictures of Kip? That's how you get out of haivng your picture taken...hold the camera!

  Updated: 12/7/2008 09:10 PST