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  Saturday Nov 15: Hound Hop, Salmon Falls Trail, El Dorado Hills, CA

What a fantastic day out on the trail - weather was perfect-o. We were all amazed how un-crowded it was given the conditions.
The route we took yielded about 15.5 miles, which was just right.

View a topo map of the ride, also the vertical profile from my GPS.

Check out some photos from the ride:


The obligatory "before" shot.     (L-R: Dave, Cris, Kip, Rich)

As we got ready to mount up, Dave had an "oh heck" moment...no shoes. My pedals have platforms around the clipless
part so we quickly switched pedals and off we went.


Up the hill comes Scoobert...

...followed closely by SneakerMan

This was a nice rest spot - the campground is an easy 2 miles away

Turn around point
  Updated: 11/8/2008 16:10 PST