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  Saturday Nov 1: Meeting & group ride, Schaad Ranch, Wilseyville, CA

In spite of the mud, rain, and overcast conditions, turnout was fantastic with 11 people! A good time was had by all.

View a topo map of the ride, also the vertical profile from my GPS.

Check out some photos from the ride:


The obligatory "before" shot...no blood, or mud.     (L-R: Kip, Cris, Dave, Walt, Kevin, Les, Denise, Rick, Marci)

Rick got to play "tail-end Charlie" bringing up the rear

The mud has only just begun...

AFTER, covered in mud

Here are the muddy backs

Mud? What mud??
  Please join me in thanking Rick and Denise for being such gracious hosts.
  Updated: 11/1/2008 16:10 PDT